Laundry Room Storage Solutions

Rolling Shelves and Custom Drawers For Laundry Room Storage

Custom Roll Out Shelving And Drawers For Laundry Rooms
We’ll build laundry room storage solutions for rooms of any size!

Is your laundry room a disorganized mess?  There are many custom shelving and drawer solutions that work well in a laundry room setting.

The Drawer Guy is a custom roll out shelving and drawer specialist based out of Norwood MA and serving most of Eastern Massachusetts.  The Drawer Guy specializes in building custom roll out shelving and drawers for laundry room cabinets and cupboards.

You won’t be able to find the same quality of storage solution at a big box store, at The Drawer Guy we custom build our roll out shelves for our customers specific needs.

Why Choose The Drawer Guy Laundry Room Storage and Shelving Solutions Over Something Else?

The Drawer GuyYou can buy shelving or rolling drawer solutions for your laundry room at any big box home improvement or home decorating store but they don’t always fit where you want them to.  Not only that, they often don’t offer the very specific storage options you might be looking for and the quality is always not what you’d hoped for.  With The Drawer Guy you’re going to get a high quality and convenient laundry room storage solution that meets your needs perfectly.

All Wood Construction

We don’t use particle board or MDF in our laundry room shelving and drawer solutions, we use 100% clear (meaning it has no knots) Birch or Maple of the highest quality.  Our drawers are then constructed using 1/2″ to 5/8″ thick sides with solid plywood bottoms from 1/4″ to 3/8″ thick.  No matter what you want to put in our roll out shelves and drawers from full bottles of detergent to piles of dirty clothes they’ll be up to the task!

High Quality Drawer Runners (rollers)

Blum Drawer RunnersWe sell and install Blum hardware as an additional option for our custom laundry room shelving clients. These are the best drawer runners in the industry and they ensure that whether the drawers are fully loaded or empty, closed gently or closed with force, they will operate smoothly, quietly, and effortlessly every time.

  • All wood construction (no particle board or MDF)
  • Birch or Maple is available
  • Durable drawer construction (sides can be 1/2″ to 5/8″ thick)
  • Solid plywood bottoms (1/4″ to 3/8″ thick)
  • Fine furniture quality finishing
  • Many options and styles available
  • High quality drawer runners by Blum (smooth, strong and quiet)

With our personalized service, we can come to your location, consult with you on how you want to organize your items, offer any suggestions that might be helpful, take all necessary measurements, and then we can provide you with an estimate.  If you’re happy with that, we can get to work!

Our team of craftsman will custom build your laundry room shelving and drawer solution with meticulous detail, to fit into your specific space.  When the shelving and drawers are built (usually takes 1-3 weeks) our installation team will carefully install the new storage solution into your bathroom in less than a day!

If you’d like to receive a consultation and estimate for a custom shelving and rolling drawer solution for your laundry room please call (339) 206-7000 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.