Downsizing 101: Simple Steps for Stress-Free Clutter Clearing

 Contrary to its name, “downsizing” is a lifestyle trend that has many upsides in today’s modern world. Sometimes referred to as decluttering, minimalism, or “living small,” downsizing refers to reducing the number of items you own. People are drawn to this lifestyle for many reasons. For some, downsizing brings the opportunity to save … [Read more...]

3 Roll Out Shelving Solutions You Probably Never Knew Existed!

Do you have any odd shaped cabinets or cupboards that don't utilize the space as well as they should?  Are you on the look-out for creative storage solutions you can integrate into your own home? Here are 3 Different Roll Out Shelving Solutions You Might Not Know About 1.  Undersink Kitchen and Bathroom DrawersEvery home has at least one … [Read more...]